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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Life goes on

I'm back. Last post: Dec. 10. Today is May 8. Much has happened.

I've gotten a lot of freelance work. Writing a lot for the San Fernando Valley Business Journal. Actually have a beat there--Law and Accounting. Also just finished the bulk of a special pullout section of SFVBJ about the biotech industry along the 101 Biotech Corridor, as it's called. I tried to stick a new nickname for the corridor, but the editor there, my friend Jason Schaff, nixed that.

What was my "brilliant" rebranding of the corridor? Drum roll: the DNA Highway. Whaddyuh think? Nice, huh? Okay I guess Jason knew what he was doing. Anyway, it was a great experience. Four 2000-word articles about biotech (Amgen, Baxter, and a lot of small labs and firms. One of those projects that make my motto about journalists true: "We know everything about nothing, but a couple things about everything."

I'm also doing a little bit of work for the paper at which I was managing editor for four years, North Valley Community News.

Of course, I'm back in school. In fact, the semester is almost over already. I did well, and even won a pretty respectable scholarship to help pay living expenses.

My internship with Marta Waller at KTLA Channel 5 begins in June.

I'm also doing a little bit of publicity work for a single client (a fact which will disqualify me from writing story from time to time, though nothing has come up yet).

Haven't done anything for the Daily News since last year. But that brings up a blog I want to recommend, that of retired Daily News Editor in Chief, one of L.A.'s great journalists, Ron Kaye. It's fast becoming one of the best local political blogs on the Web. Go to to check it out.

I'm going to find a minute or two every day to blog from now on.

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