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Monday, April 6, 2009

Ipod Touch Here: A solution for a Frustrated Verizon Blackberry User

For more than a year, I've struggled with my Blackberry. Don't get me wrong; I know how it works. That's the problem: I hate how it works! I think there are two kinds of people. There are those who get algebra and the Blackberry algorithm. Then there are those of us who think a whole other way.
However, I don't want AT&T. So, for now, no iPhone. My plan is to ditch the Blackberry, get a regular, non-PDA camera phone, and and iPod Touch for my other, net-based needs. Tell me what you think of this solution if you have any experience with similar situations--especially if you know about the mythical world of unlocking the iPhone for use with Verizon (which I understand to be impossible because Verizon doesn't use removable chips).

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Jeff Garber said...

The reason can't use an iPhone on Verizon is they use incompatible technologies for the air interface. Verizon uses CDMA, a technology pioneered by Qualcomm, and AT&T uses UMTS and GSM, standards developed in Europe. You can use an unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile which also uses UMTS and GSM. You can get legitimately unlocked iPhones in New Zealand, Hong Kong, and a handful of other countries where there is no mandate that the phone be used with any specific carrier. I got mine in New Zealand and use it both with my travel SIM when away and my T-Mobile SIM at home.