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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Prang Warns West Hollywood Residents, Beware: 'Scam' Petition would Put Billboards Everywhere

This from Councilman Jeffrey Prang:

VOTER ALERT - you may be asked by paid petition signature gathers, either at you home, or at grocery stores and other businesses, to sign a petiton alleging to lower your taxes and to impose a new tax on billboards in West Hollywood. THIS IS A SCAM. It is an initiative paid for by an aggressive billboard company in an effort to open all of West Hollywood to billboards and tall walls. Currently, West Hollywood only allows outdoor advertising on Sunset. Other advertising in the city is "grandfathered," as it was there before the laws were imposed - but new advertising is not allowed off Sunset Bl.

The proposed tax on billboards is legally questionable, moreover, the city recently adopted a new law to generate fees from billboards and tall walls. This initiative is not about taxing billboards; its about allowing even more to proliferate in our neighborhoods. I urge you, please DO NOT SIGN the petition.

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