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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Optical Illusion? Or Haunted House?

M Y S T E R Y ?

This humble Spanish Mission cottage in Hancock Park (-adjacent) inexplicably grew a multi-story castle from its single-story roof.

Actually, the mansion is a graceful, early 20th-Century multi-family residential building one block west of this home near Vine St. and Melrose Ave.

The effect is even spookier with the "darken" special effect on my camera enabled.

M Y S T E R Y solved...

But it's no less magical that only in Los Angeles are all the elements for visual novelties with an air of mystery, or at least of mystique, so easy to stumble upon. I see them all the time. Hopefully, you like seeing them as much as I love sharing them on Republic Of L.A.

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