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Thursday, November 8, 2007

So much has happened since late 2006, when I set out to get Angelenos to tell me about their corner of the City of Angels. What chagrins Cheviot Hills? Who's evil in Echo Park? Anything nefarious in Nichols Canyon? Malfeasance on Mount Olympus? Anyone in Atwater Village with an ax to grind?

"Maybe," I thought, "I'll even catch a few local feel-good news tips:"

Know a hero in Harvard Heights or a perfect politician from Pico Union? You get the idea. But instead of cultivating leads for untold stories from the deep nooks of Los Angeles, I forgot my password to this blog. Amazingly, tonight, with some effort, I recalled it.

So again, I ask you to tell me what you know that you wish others knew, and what you wish you knew more about. Give me a lead, and I'll pursue the story.


JSD said...

I think I'm seeing a story right here! "Valley Resident Remembers Long Forgotten Password"... it's very Onion News

Next Issue:

"Local Cat Attempts World Record For Things Sat On"

LA Journalist said...

Update: I think I remember I forgot to laugh!