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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Young Designer, Alexander McQueen's Biggest Fan Shares a Poignant Moment Before Midnight Outside Fallen Designer's Melrose Store (Low Light)

             Valentine's Night Vigil:  
               Fashion Designer, K. Aguirre


Anonymous said...

Thom, I’d like to thank you for your sensitivity…. I was very hesitant about you posting this because of how I remember feeling. I honestly wanted to cry. I felt like I was going to burst into tears at any moment, and I thought that was clear in the footage. But I appear much, much calmer than I actually was. There was so much going on beneath the surface. You were very kind and respectful in a situation that most ppl would dismiss as dramatic. I have frequently visited the showroom since the news of Alexander McQueen’s death broke. I do so because the ppl in my life, my friends and family, tell me to “get over it” and seem completely bewildered by my reaction to his death. So in my day to day life, I feel like no one understands the situation. But when I visit the showroom, it is clear to me that I am not the only one who has this sinking feeling of loss and disappointment- and I feel understood. The world recognized Alexander for his designs and his drive to give the world something new. Many of us loved him for it. Once again, thank you Thom.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of crap!!! This guy decides to end his Miserable life because someone who commits suicide being in the prime of his/her life with money, contracts, talent and such and still decides life is not worth living, its an gargantuan IDIOT. And who is this fetiched fan? posting a vigil outside a boutique as if this were a drive-by shooting posting candles and flowers out of her own pocket for someone she never met! It is so RIDICULOUS! Hey girl, whatever your name is, get a life!!! you sound like there is no value in what you do and you have to give yourself VALUE by the achievements of someone else you don't even know, by the love of George!! You either need to get laid or use whatever little life you have left (which Alex doesn't have anymore, the dumb ass!) and go live it!. Moreover, it says you are a fashion designer in the title? If you wear what you make you will be starving very soon, it looks like you got your wardrobe out of a vintage 3rd hand store!! And fix your face, put some make up or something, you don't go to a vigil looking like crap with lipstick that was stolen from the purse of Elvira, it makes your lips look not like you were crying but like you just gave some poor soul a blow-job!! What a waste of time!!!! Sincerely, someone. (who knows you...)