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Friday, February 19, 2010

Scientology Protest

A local photographer who was allegedly intimidated by Scientology officials at his home after shooting pics at a previous demonstration, recently joined protesters as they marched up and down Hollywood Blvd. The motley crew of demonstrators stopped at each of the controversial church's many buildings along that storied thoroughfare.

Here's what RoLA caught via our Droid cam.


barb said...

O hai thar! I remember doing this interview...gawd is that what I sound like???

LOL @ sounding like stoned chikken!

Moar Xenu! said...
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Moar Xenu! said...

Hi Thom! Great interview and great questions. I hope you will write more particularly about WISE, the Scientology front-group of private businesses owned by Scientologists.

Jeff G said...

We encountered similar protesters in Brisbane last year. They were handing out flyers and we asked why they were disguised and they said they feared harassment and prosecution from the Scientologists. It's scary that they have so much power.