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Saturday, March 6, 2010

How's This for Government Intrusion Into Healthcare: Undercover Officers Posing as Patients to Expose Fraud by Doctors & Nurses

Conservative and Republican politicians have so many labels to choose from. They can be Blue Dogs, RhINOs (Republican in Name Only)...& Now,
the Hippo:

Republican Senator Exposes Himself as Complete Hypocrite.

Today's New York Times Health section's lead story is about how Sen. Tom Coburn (R. Okla.), who is himself an M.D., proposes to establish a network of undercover government agents to lay in hospital beds across the country to expose waste and fraud. This guy is one of the vocal Repubs. who have been fear mongering about Obama's government takeover of health. All the president wants to do is consolidate the buying power of uninsured Americans. Sen. Coburn wants to put agents in hospital rooms to spy on providers. Click on the photo or here for the full NYT story.

Health Care Reform Calculator
Also, if you want to know EXACTLY how the three health care reform proposals might effect you or you and your family, the California-based Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation has a dynamic calculator

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Jeff G. said...

This calculator is great for showing people what healthcare reform means for them personally, especially those being gouged by rate increases. Sometimes people need to see "what does it do for me" before they can get behind something and this is a great tool for that. Thanks for posting the link! I will be sending it to those who need to see it.