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Friday, November 5, 2010

Pundit Declares Senate Minority Leader a Political Street Fighter: RoLA Disagrees

Tough Guy?

Last night on MSNBC's "Hardball with Chris Matthews," the host described Mitch McConnell as "tough." Correction: Senate Minority Leader (and he'll still be the minority leader after the new congress is sworn in, as Democrats kept their majority in the senate Tuesday) Mitch McConnell (R.-Kentucky) is not tough.

There's a difference between tough and mean. You can easily impose your will in the United States Senate simply by folding your arms and saying "No! I vote we DON'T vote on it." and thus, because of the rule requiring 60 or more votes to override your filibuster, stopping anything and everything in the form of legislation that comes down pike. McConnell led his party to just say no (or use the threat of filibuster) to stall or kill several pieces of legislation that arguably help middle-class families and individuals (take extending unemployment benefits and assistance for those paying for COBRA health-care coverage).

Mitch McConnell is like the kid who owns the soccer ball and doesn't like the way the game is going. He snatches the ball up, puts it under his arm and takes it home so no one gets to play. That doesn't make him a tough guy, or even a bully. Mitch McConnel is just a brat.

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