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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Green Irony

I was walking back home from the gym on Sunset (Arclight 24-Hour Fitness). Across from Amoeba, there iT was: somebody's dead-tree flier advertising something in an apparently greenwashing manner (greenwashing, of course, means falsley coloring your ad campaign, corporate image, the colors of an enviornmentally friendly entity).

"OMG, Thom; give these folks a break! It's a friggin' flier...shit happens. The wind probably blew it off of a telephone pole or a bulletin board. Maybe some jerk tore it off and threw it on the ground. This is probably a flier from a cool non-profit, or a small business. Whoever it belongs to is just trying to make a living in the Great Recession!" you say.

Okay, but zoom in a little. See? It's masking-taped to the sidewalk, for crikey's sake."

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