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Friday, July 8, 2011

HYWD BLVD; Not Times Square, but...

Evening Stroll Reveals Hollywood Renaissance Still Growing

Almost any weeknight on Hollywood Boulevard finds the stretch of road from Gower westward to La Brea pulsing with life. Each week, the sidewalks at Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue are pounded by a sea of people the likes of which one would expect at Manhattan's Times Square.

Anyone who remembers the desolation and the nearly defunct nightlife of Hollywood Boulevard circa 1990, which consisted mostly of the homeless, runaways, and prostitutes should be amazed by all of this out-from-behind-the-steering-wheel foot traffic.

For now, the shoulder-to-shoulder quantity of pedestrian activity is concentrated at Hollywood and Highland, but it persists at least for two blocks in either direction of that landmark intersection (on both sides of the street, no less) most Thursday, and just about all Friday and Saturday nights.

Here are some pics RoLA took on a recent Thursday evening walk around Hollywood and Hghland with our trusty iPhone camera in hand:

Photos by Thom Senzee (c) Republic Of L.A.

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