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Monday, July 4, 2011

One of L.A.'s Juiciest (& Most Forgotten) Stories of Mayhem & Malfeasance

This Week Marks the Anniversary of a Bombshell of a Murder Occured in the City of Angels in 1982

Q: What do this classic 1970s blonde beauty, her murdereous gay roommate, the late founder of Bloomingdales, Larry Flynt, Grauman's Chinese Theater, as well as both Nancy and Pres. Ronald Reagan all have in common?

A: The Story of how a set of Videotapes Reportedly Depicting some of these Famous People Allegedly Participating in Depraved-Sex Orgies were 'Stolen' after the Murder of Vicki Morgan, the alleged mistress of the late Alfred Bloomingdale. Click here for the full story, not mention of the most amazing (however plain) website about the 1980s you'll ever encounter.

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