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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jolie at 16: average, extraordinary L.A. teen

Presenting a Special New Republic Of L.A. Feature:

- RoLAClassicHuman  

A designation recognizing those who make the most of their affluence, influence, wealth; or of their deficiencies, disenfranchisement, or poverty, to improve the human condition - doing so with style, elegance and/or panache
In terms of that fabled "it" factor, even as a kid, she may have been on par with Monroe. But that's just her star quality. In the "sheer-beauty" department, Angelina Jolie is, in RoLA's opinion, one of the most beautiful women in history.

Witness her effortless command of the room (granted, the two unseen participants in the conversation couldn't be falling over themselves any harder to please Jolie, nevertheless, her alpha presence is unmistakable) ...

And, she's a better-than-competent, better-than-average actor.  Add to that her endless, tangible expressions of concern for others (and, we're convinced it's genuinely motivated)All of this combines to make Angelina Jolie a

- RoLAClassicHuman  

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