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Monday, November 7, 2011

Avril Levigne, boyfriend assaulted by five assailants

Attacked at the Roosevelt 

Canadian crooner, Avril Levigne and her boyfriend, The Hills star, Brody Jenner, told LAPD they were attacked outside the historic Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood last weekend.  Both are recovering from what appear to be relatively minor injuries. Levigne has a black eye.  It's unclear what the motive for the attack was, and no mention of robbery was initially made as far as RoLA has been able to ascertain.Having lived five blocks from the Roosevelt until four months ago, this reporter knows the area as being highly energized on weekends, with partiers, club-goers, movie and late-night television production audiences and youthful tourists packing Hollywood Blvd.'s traffic lanes and broad sidewalks in the tens of thousands, anything can happen.
     However, landmark properties such as the El Capitan Theatre, where Jimmy Kimmel Live is shot, the Hollywood & Highland mega-plex shopping, dining and entertainment center (which contains the Kodak Theater, home of the Oscar Awards ceremony and TV show) are all within feet of the well-lit, highly patrolled (by Los Angeles Police Dept. officers, Hollywood Safety officers, California Highway Patrol officers (rarely, but they have jurisdictions at some of the boulevard's major cross streets, such as Cahuenga Blvd.), and private security. Add to that the small army of service personnel, such as valets, doormen, etc... and something seems odd about the circumstances of this crime against celebrities.  

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LA Journalist said...

UPDATE: There has been no follow-up reporting on the Brody-and-Avril brawl in the blogosphere or on the Web so far as RoLA could tell, not even at or on Perez Hilton's famous blog/rumor-and-reporting mill,

Republic of L.A. would love to hear from any citizen reporters or amateurazzis with information about or pics of the apparently unprovoked attack Nov. 6 outside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

It looks like we owe the couple an apology about our suspicion that there must be something about their attack the couple wasn't sharing, unless new reporting emerges contradicting the consistent story that a reportedly drunken stranger allegedly called Brody Jenner a "douche," an insult to which Jenner responded with a presumably similar name-calling or expletive. That prompted the drunk to assault Jenner, at which time four of the attackers friends also began hitting Jenner and his girlfriend, so-called "post-punk" singer, Avril Lavigne. The beating the two tried to repel included a blow to Brody Jenner's head with a bottle. TMZ reported Nov. 6 that an unnamed eyewitness said that neither Jenner nor Lavigne took the first strike.

What RoLA would like to know is how, if the attack happened within visible distance from the door and valet staff of the Roosevelt, how could it have lasted more than a handful of seconds without intervention? Also, where were the myriad policing organizations that cover Hollywood from the Bowl to Fairfax High the way Sherwin Williams covers the world.